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Te Awaiti Retreat

Best fresh fish and seafood in NZ

accommodation situated on Arapawa Island in outer Tory Channel, Marlborough Sounds, right on the doorstep of Cook Strait. ( the stretch of ocean that runs between the North and South Islands) Run by Bosun Huntley a 8th generation Soundie.

Te Awaiti Retreat:

Bosun  of Te Awaiti and Takutai of EcotoursBosun is Maori and being the descendant of the early whalers in the Marlborough Sounds, has a proud heritage and fascinating life story. A stay at Te Awaiti homestay is a unique cultural and historical experience.

Bosun has been a fisherman and a diver all his life, his Ti Puna (Ancestors) have been whalers and fishermen. His family have been an intregal part of the history of the Marlborough Sounds. Te Awaiti (Tar -White) Shore based whaling station was the first in the South Island, and as such was the first settlement.

Feel the ambience,the whale bone on the beach, the whale oil in the tanks,see the tomb stones of the early whalers and their cast iron tripots that were used to render down the blubber.Walk the ridges and discover the early Maori pit dwellers sites.

Bosun says that when the tide's out, the table's set.

Homestay Accommodation: 2 doubles, 3 singles
Linen, bedding and towels supplied.

We will arrange water transport when you book.Water access only.

Bookings at :

Takutai Gazing out from Te Awaiti



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