Kupes Footprints
Kupes Footprints  

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This is a fabulous voyage, a unique Marlborough Sounds experience. Cruise around Cape Jackson, the outermost extremity of Queen Charlotte Sound; witness the thrill of crossing the reef where the Pacific and Cook Strait tides converge, feel the raw power of Mother Nature as it surges around the picturesque lighthouse that clings to an offshore pinnacle. We then steam up into Port Gore, a very isolated, mystical inlet that is steeped in Maori history.

Our first stop is at the old gold mines, hard to believe that men would mine in such a foreboding place. Then on to the site of Kupe's Footprints, where legend says he lived with his family 1000 years ago, and left their footprints behind to bear witness, embedded in granite are men, women, children and dog prints.
Discover the hidden boat harbour, fresh water running down the moss covered rock face, sea food along the rocks and trees that are hundreds of years old. "This is a place that legends are made of, feel the atmosphere."


Time: 8.00am at Waikawa bay wharf
Boat:   Tutanekai, (launch 2 masts)
Contact:   Pete & Takutai Beech
Phone:   (03) 5736901 or 0275 404 407
Email:   info@eco-tours.co.nz
Website:   www.eco-tours.co.nz

Price: $300pp min 2 persons

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