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EcoCruises with Myths and Legends Ecotours

Open seas, fresh air, good company and fascinating folklore…join us and set sail to these stunning locations.
Myths and Legends Eco-Tours take you off the beaten track and each cruise highlights a different aspect of our land heritage and seascape. Let us customise a cruise to suit your interests and time constraints.

Hospitality iwth Myths and Legends ecotours Marlborough Sounds

Choose a cruise

Please click on headings listed below for fuller descriptions of Myths and Legends Ecotour cruises, and if you then wish to check availability and book , please click here for our ON LINE BOOKING CALENDAR
All trips are fully catered. Prices include GST. Children under 5 free,children 5-12 halfprice. All day Cruises NZ$250 pp, 2 person min.
Trips leave from Waikawa Bay Carpark.

Captain Cooks Cruise

NZ$250pp, 2 person min.

Have a picnic lunch in stunningly beautiful Ship Cove Marlborough Sounds Surrounded by Virgin bush, Captain Cook's favourite anchorage in the South Pacific.
Nominated by the Lonely Planet as one of the top 6 must see tourism destinations in the world.

Captain Cooks Cruise with Myths and Legends Ecotours Marlborough New Zealand

Bay of Mystery

NZ$250pp, 2 person min.

Spiritual Heartland of Totaranui, hear the untold stories that you won't find in English history books, visit island bird sanctuary called Oruawairua, which means to strike a balance between your physical, mental and spiritual elements,
( Harmony )
Visit Betty Rowes Arapawa Island wildlife sanctuary or an old Maori Turangawaewae homestead ( Ancestral Land ).

Take the Bay of Mystery Ecotour with Myths and Legends Ecotours Marlborough

Whale Of A Tale

NZ$250pp, 2 person min.

Visit Perano whaling station & Te Awaiti the site of the first shore based station,see the whale bone on the beach,oil in the banks & old tomb stones.

Whale of A Tale Expedition with Myths and Legends Ecotours Marlborough

Kupe's Footprints

NZ$300 pp, 2 person min.

This is the ultimate Eco Tour (weather permitting). Visit this Isolated & Mystical site where the famous Maori explorer lived & left his footprints.

Kupe's Footsteps with Myths and Legends Ecotours Marlborough

BirdWatching expeditions

NZ$250pp, 2 person min.

The Marlborough Sounds' greatest assets are our wonderful Island Bird Sanctuaries.
Take a guided walk with Takutai and uncover their secrets.
See some of NZ's rarest birds, visit colonies of Gannets & King Shags, one of the world's rarest birds while cruising in the serenity of our usually calm sheltered Sounds.

See King Shag Colony Unique to the Marlborough Sounds New Zealand  with Myths and Legends EcoCruises Marlborough

Half Day Cruise

NZ$200 pp, 2 person min.

Cruise the Grove Arm, the most picturesque section of the Queen Charlotte Sound with a contrast of beautiful golden sand beaches.
Go for  a short bushwalk in the tranquil serenity of a native bush reserve.
If you want adventure, explore a Goldmine.

It will take your breathe away it's so beautiful - the Marlborough Sounds New Zealand. Take a Cruise with Myths and Legends Ecotours

See map of Marlborough Sounds


Kia Ora Pete and Takutai

We want to thank you once again for a magic day aboard Tutanekai. Our third. It has become an absolutely predictable pleasure. Each time, new adventures; but each time also a growing friendship.

Yours is a unique service. We have taken many tours over the years, most of them on water, here in New Zealand. With most, you feel like a tourist; they are large group experiences. With you it is different. It is a day with new friends. Your boat has it's own fascinating history, and charm. You and Takutai offer an amazing knowledge of the Sounds, and offer it throughout the day as part of an ongoing conversation, as opposed to announcements over a PA system as is necessary with the larger group tours. Your personal connections to the Sounds history and culture is unique.

All the best to you both, we look forward to our next encounter.

Nick and Karen

Takutai and Peter

THANK YOU! For your warm hospitality a most incredible tour of the Sounds, and for us. For me, being with you for three days accomplished the last and maybe most important goal of this trip; really get to know some local people. Touring didn't allow us to do that.

I will take home the adventures of the past three days, and the story of Takutai and Pete, as well as the story of Tutanekai and Hinemoa! You two are worthy of your very own legends. It's been a pleasure to meet you.



“We really did enjoy our day trip out with you into the sounds and to the two islands…a very memorable part of our holiday to NZ.

“Thankyou once again for a magical day and more power to your elbow in trying to maintain and improve the Sounds our very best.”

Regards David and Caroline (England)



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